Product Development

Vestaron continues to improve a yeast production system that is ideal for making, folding and secreting cysteine-rich peptides. Cysteine forms crosslinks that stabilize peptides for improved field efficacy. To perfectly balance the needs of crop protection with safeguards for the environment, these peptides break down within about two weeks after application. 

After fermentation, all yeast cells are removed from the broth and destroyed. The remaining material contains the Spear peptide that is then concentrated and fortified with a preservative.

We develop our product formulations through a rigorous system of trialing to test for efficacy and safety. The process includes laboratory studies, field to lab studies, small-plot field trials under controlled conditions, and finally large-scale grower trials to confirm performance under real-world conditions. Only after this trialing do we advance the products to commercialization. The results from several studies are displayed in the trial results section.

We have registered and released two formulations of Spear bioinsecticide in the U.S. The first, Spear-T, was approved by the U.S. EPA in 2018. It is a concentrated liquid formulation designed for contact activity against a broad range of insect and mite pests in the greenhouse. The second, Spear-Lep, was approved in 2019. This product largely targets lepidopteran (caterpillar) pests in outdoor and indoor crops where a reduced rate of Spear is applied with a synergist (Bt) to achieve efficacy through ingestion.

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    Filtration and Concentration

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