Vestaron’s research program formed the company’s core for more than 10 years. Research productivity is a hallmark of our history. The research team is highly skilled in all areas necessary for product development, from assessing the safety of early peptide candidates to conducting the fermentation research required to manufacture our active ingredients. One specialized team is dedicated to the redesign of peptides for efficacy optimization. Results of this research program lead directly to the bioinsecticidal peptide products for which Vestaron has pioneered a proven manufacturing process and regulatory path.

Biopesticides are not cost-competitive for pest control in many commodity crops, so Vestaron’s research also addresses the expression of these peptides in plants. The registration and commercialization of the precursor biopesticide, however, greatly lowers the technical and regulatory risk of commercializing a new plant-incorporated trait.

Finally, Vestaron’s research continues to pursue advances in the company’s proprietary yeast expression technology for producing cysteine-rich peptides. Producing high titers of peptides, using low-cost inputs, is essential to achieve cost-of-good goals that are vital in an agricultural context.

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    Trait Development

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    Yeast Expression