Hi! I'm Beeatrice

Vestaron and Pollinator Partnership Have Teamed Up to Give Me A Voice

Sustainable crop protection plays a critical role in protecting bees like me so we can do our jobs as pollinators. I’m Beeatrice – just your average worker bee living on a farm in a small town you probably haven’t heard of in California. Joe is my beekeeper and he operates the farm. Joe maintains an apiary for my hive on his farm. He does a good job at caring for me and my 30,000 sisters by ensuring that our hive can run smoothly and we can work efficiently for our queen. Among my many titles, I’m considered a pollinator, meaning that I spend my days collecting pollen and nectar from flowering plants to feed my colony. In the process of visiting flowers, I move pollen from plant to plant, and within flowers, helping each plant set seed. Almonds are one of our favorites, and we depend on each other. Almond crops provide the nutrition that we need and we bees are the pollinator partners helping the growers with their crop.

We need crop protection products that target invasive pests that will hurt the crop, while leaving honey bees, farm workers, mammals, fish, and a full complement of beneficial insects unharmed.

Vestaron’s Commitment to Honey Bees

As leaders in the evolution of agricultural science, we are committed to sustainable crop protection every step of the way. We recognize the critical role that honey bees play as pollinators for key crops like almonds and we’re thrilled to be part of the solution in protecting them. Vestaron’s revolutionary peptide-empowered technology works in collaboration with nature.

Vestaron is proud to be partnering for purpose with our Bee Friendly Farming (BFF) program, which protects, promotes and preserves bee health on farmland across North America. We have committed $30,000 to Bee Friendly Farming to help expand certification to more farmers who depend on bees for a healthy crop each year.

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