Vestaron Launching Spear® RC Product

Spear® RC offers game changing technology for broad acre row crop farmers.

Spear RC

Febraury 24, 2023 – (RTP, North Carolina) – Vestaron, a leading producer of peptide-based bioinsecticides, has launched its latest addition in the Spear family of products, Spear® RC. This revolutionary insecticide for cotton, soybean, rice, and other broad acre crop targets lepidopteran pests such as cotton bollworm, soybean looper, and armyworm. Field trials with Spear RC show performance that is equal to conventional insecticides. With no known resistance or cross resistance, Spear RC works as a standalone or in rotation with conventional insecticides. Spear RC is an excellent IPM and resistance management tool.

Like other Vestaron Spear products, Spear RC offers a novel mode of action – IRAC Group 32 – to support resistance management. With its precision targeting and low impact on beneficial species, Spear RC is a prime example of Vestaron’s impact on biodiversity and commitment to innovation

“We are excited to introduce Spear RC into the broad acre market. Our revolutionary insecticides are based on a naturally occurring peptide that is highly specific for lepidopteran larvae with very low risk to beneficials,” said Ben Cicora, SVP Sales & Marketing for Vestaron. “This safe and effective alternative to traditional chemical pesticides offers 0-Day PHI, 4-Hour REI, and is MRL exempt. Farmers will benefit from an excellent environmental and worker safety profile, making this a vital tool for sustainable pest management.”

Spear RC is being introduced to farmers at several conferences in early 2023, including the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show in February and Commodity Classic in March, where Dayna Collett, PhD, Sr. Manager Field Development for Vestaron, will present the science behind the Spear products and data that demonstrates efficacy and control in field trials for broad acre crops


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