How Farmers Help Bees

I have noticed that Joe and some of his fellow farmers have done some work to ensure that my sisters and I have plenty of extra food nearby. This keeps us happy while we work towards pollinating the almond crops. They do this by planting wildflowers near and in almond orchards. Planting bee-friendly flower mixes as additional food sources for honey bees to enjoy before and after almond bloom provides benefits to many other pollinators as well as honey bees. Using safe biological insecticides helps to protect this important food source.

Another great thing about these wildflower fields is that they can increase carbon sequestration, improve the health of soil, support water retention, and more—all of which play an important part in healthy ecosystems.

20,700 football fields worth of wildflowers have been planted since 2013.


Spear® LEP Peptide Empowered Insecticide

Spear LEP was approved in 2019. This product largely targets lepidopteran (caterpillar) pests in outdoor and indoor crops where Spear LEP is applied with a reduced rate of formulant (Bt) to achieve efficacy through ingestion. Spear LEP is soft on beneficials, has the efficacy of synthetics, and the safety of biological insecticides. Vestaron is leading the way in sustainable crop protection.